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One of the first thing most important steps the consumer is forced to take in order to buy the right products and services is to know who he or she is trusting with their money. It helps for them to conduct a thorough background check on whoever they want to work with in order for them to avoid making mistakes. One way they can achieve this is to read publications that are consumer focused such as the consumer report magazine or asking around from people they can trust.

In an era where most goods and services can be purchased online, the consumer needs to consult online sources of consumer information to make their decisions in a snap. For example, by only buying goods and services from e-commerce websites which allow users to access customer reviews before making a purchase, consumers can be able to relive the experience they’re likely to get from previous buyers. However, not all e-commerce websites give their customers enough to go with before buying; a good example being custom paper writing companies.

Students and essay writing companies

The major motivator students have when buying essays from custom paper writing companies is because they think that the companies can do a better job they can’t hack. They expect nothing but the best from the companies they choose. Without proper comparison, consumers cannot make a comparison, right? The only effective way students can navigate this tricky bit is to check out comprehensive reviews on a review website that looks at the strengths and weaknesses of different essay writing companies on one platform such as

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Why we review essay writing services

The number of custom essay writing companies has been growing significantly over the past few years. However, without the proper search channels, the consumer is lost in between not knowing which one is better than the other. It is also tedious to audit millions of essay writing services. This website was created to remove the work from this process.

How it works

We constantly collect information about how essay writing companies treat their customers on this website. This information comes to us mainly in the form of a review, a rating and relevant comment. We analyze the ratings, compare to others before ranking companies with best ratings among peers. We also send out investigators to gauge the strengths and weaknesses in a summary that is published for potential buyers.